VX36 is a powerhouse mix of thrash and speed metal mixed with a newer kind of vocal and drumming Their musicianship, uniqueness, and dedication make for awesome riffs, crushing lyrics, and an energy explosive live show!


Exploding onto the metal circuit in 2004. With the release of there first demo in 2005 entitled “DEMOlition” they started playing shows around the Bay Area and Sacramento gaining notice from many. Embarking on there first Regional tour in 2007 doing a 14 day West Coast tour they began to conquer the North West. After returning from tour VX36 went into the studio to record the first full length album "VX36." Released in March of 2008, the CD flew off the shelf selling all available copies at the CD Release show! Planning tour after tour playing 500+ shows gaining numerous fans and recognition from 2008 till 2010 when the “Violence E.P.” was released, a short run CD that was the doorstep of the new album that was in the works. In October of 2011 VX36 took it to the next level with a 4 week United States tour supporting the upcoming release and full length album "A Violent Existence" (2012) recorded by engineer Zack Ohren. This release in just it’s short time has sold over 2000 and counting physical copies and over 5000 Digital downloads. It has been praised and said to be a favorite record thus far.


In 2014, VX36 hit the road again to support Thrash legends Onslaught(UK) and Artillery(DK) on a 40 Day North American tour. Gaining more exposure, VX36 returned ready to conquer anything. Following up VX36 did a 3 Week U.S. tour supporting Artillery.


 VX36 Planning 2016 accordingly with a new record on the horizon and many tours and shows in the works, a North American tour in July/August/September including dates with Death Metal legends MASTER, VX36 is ready to take the world by storm. With their DIY attitude and determination there is no doubt VX36 will become a staple in the metal community.